Mahdi's Bushcraft & Self-Reliance
Enjoy nature but leave no trace
About me

Welcome to my website about bushcraft and self-reliance!

I've decided to make this website to share with you my passion for bushcraft and as a starting point from which you can find my videos on my YouTube channel, pictures, information,links etcetera.
I have choosen for the name "Mahdi's Bushcraft & Self-Reliance". he reason why I start the name with "Mahdi's" is because I simply show my own interpretation and practice of bushcraft and self-reliance. I don't claim to be an expert at all!

Let me first try to answer the question what bushcraft is.
In fact it's not really simple to answer that question! Many people think it's about survival, but I think it's not.

When I speak about survival, I mean the situation where you got into involuntarily, that's more or less life threatening and where you try to get out of and safe your life.
Bushcraft is the situation where you choose for and which you enjoy. But true, bushcraft skills, ofcourse, can help you a lot whenever you get in a real survival situation!

I will give you an example to explain what I mean..
You can have a walk or a hike through the woods. Once you decide to take a rest and put on a camp and stay there  for a while or even the night, you make your shelter, light a camp fire and prepare your food. In fact you're starting bushcrafting and  being one with your envirement.

There are different ways to do that ofcourse. You can use a nylon tent or make a shelter from materials you find in the woods. Maybe you cook on a gas stove or make a camp fire with a bow drill of ferro rod. Maybe you brought your own food or  collect food from what you find around you.
Everything is possible but the more you choose to do things in a simple way the deeper you enter into real bushcraft. And this goes hand in hand with self-reliance as you don't need to rely on things from the world outside.

But maybe, during that same hike, you get lost and you need to spend the night while you didn't choose for it. Or maybe worse and you break a leg.
That brings you into a survival situation in which you have to do things to stay alive, to get out of that place or atrackt people's attention for rescue.
In that case you can use the same bushcraft skills to make your survival succesful.

As I said, everything is possible.
I've mentioned modern and old skills to do the same things like making a shelter or lighting a fire.
To make it more understandable, I've put a diagram in the  picture below.

I've put three circles representing different outdoor activities and some skills they use.

The circles contain:

  • Primitive Technologies and Stone Age Skills
    • Shelter from natural materials
    • Fire by friction
  • Re-enactments and Classic Camping
    • Using Canvas Shelters of Tents
    • Fire by Flint and Steel
  • Modern Camping, Survival and Expeditions
    • Using Nylon Shelters or Tents
    • Fire by modern Firesteel, matches or lighter.

All three activities contribute to Bushcraft and where they come together, you can call it Bushcraft with somewhere in the middle the core Bushcraft skills.
It's up to your own interest and possibilities where you choose for certain methods and techniques or combine things together.
The most important thing is that you feel good with it!

After my poor attempt to explain Bushcraft, there is one more thing I want to say before you look further on my site.

My motto is "Enjoy nature, but leave no trace".

Yes, a Bushcrafter needs to realize that we have only borrowed this planet and everything on it. We don't owe it and one day we'll have to pass it on to future generations.
We are responsible on how we pass it on.
One aspect of that responsibillity is leaving no trace. Don't disturb nature, don't use more than you really need, don't kill animals, plants and trees if you don't really have to and never leave rubbiish behind on the place where you've been.
The ideal situation is that, ofter you're gone, nobody can see that you've ever been there!